Welcome to Sukit Hookah’s Website! Here you’ll find everything you need or want to know about Sukit Hookah: Our Lounge, Customers, Events, Menu, Locations, Hours, Specials and Promotions, and more.
  • Click the About Us link above to read more about our company.

  • Check our Menu to see the 50+ flavors we carry every day. We only serve the best shisha and we're constantly evaluating our suppliers and manufacturers for new flavors. We love trying new things so be sure to follow us on Facebook to see what new brands and flavors we’re testing out today! Don’t see the flavor you want? Click the contact us link at the bottom and let us know what you’re looking for! Or, post it on our Facebook wall and we’ll work on getting it in.

  • We also retail and wholesale an extensive assortment of hookahs, shisha, accessories and apparel. You can find all of this and more at the Shop link above or in our any of our hookah lounges. We only use the best products on the market and that’s all we sell.

  • We’re awesome at what we do and we love sharing our expertise with our customers. Just click the How To's above and we’ll bestow all our knowledge unto you. There’s a lot of confusion and disagreement out there on what the right way(s) to make a hookah are – these are guides on how we like to do it. Most have helpful images and videos too so be sure to study up!

  • Right now we only have one location in Toledo but, believe us, we’re working on expanding soon. Would you like to see a Sukit Hookah Location in your town? Go to our Locations and click the Suggest Location button to tell us about it! Be sure to tell us why you think we would be a good fit for your community.

  • We regularly bring in local musicians, comedians and other performers to promote a fun, inviting, friendly atmosphere. Check out our Events page to see everything we have coming up. We also host many fund raisers for local university organizations and charities and you can see upcoming fund raisers or submit a request to hold your own here.

  • Our VIP room is now open and available for your private party! Book Our VIP Room Today!

  • Want to open your own Sukit Hookah with the help, knowledge and support of our experienced personnel? Click on Franchise for more information.

1919 Monroe St., Toledo, OH 43604 * (p) 419-725-0850 * info@sukithookahs.com
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